This website is a platform for disseminating information on the current status and challenges of energy transition (from nuclear and coal-fired power plants to renewable energy and energy conservation) in East Asian countries.

East Asia is currently undergoing a dynamic energy transition. However, issues common to each country and unique to each country are also becoming apparent. In this site, we will discuss energy issues, global warming, and air pollution in East Asia, with a particular focus on the urgent issue of green recovery from the corona disaster and the common issue of mega-solar power generation.


“Energy Transition in East Asia” is produced by Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) and Tohoku University Center for Northeast Asian Studies (CNEAS). The website is organized by following editorial team.

Editor in Chief

Jusen Asuka (Tohoku University)

Managing Editor

Dan Jin (Tohoku University)

Contributing Editor

Noriaki Yamashita (ISEP)

Web Design

Shota Furuya (ISEP)


Following authors have contributed to the website.

Jusen Asuka

Tohoku University

Noriaki Yamashita

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies

Yating Yuan

Rock Environment and Energy Institute

CHENG Fang-Ting

Institute of Developing Economies

Jin Zhen

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

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